Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Applecross Flora 6D

Applecross Flora 6D -1182888-

Applecross Flora 6D

  • Reg # 1182888
  • Born January 6, 2016
  • Horned
  • Sire: JB CDN Hennessey
  • Dam: Anchor D Fergus (FGAF Windurfer 820Y)
  • Bred AI March 25 to Sanmar Polled Pharao 12P P618914. Exposed March 31 – June 3 to APLX Rambo 4B P1126410.

Full Fleckvieh. Heavily pigmented and dark cherry red, Flora combines the power of FGAF Windsurfer with the maternal strengths of JB CDN Hennessey. Flora’s dam, Anchor D Fergus, was our pick from the 2014 Pasture Treasures sale. We were drawn to her pedigree that stacks maternal strength in K2 Fergie, Kananaskis and RH Patricia, with the paternal power of Anchor “T” Legend, Jahari and Arni 8M to create a pretty cool young cow that we are really excited about. We have been very pleased with the consistency of the Hennessey offspring – his calves all arrive easily and his daughters combine lots of capacity with feminine front ends. Flora is
Jeanne’s favorite of the sale heifers this year, so all the volume comes with a quiet temperament that might just enjoy a scratch!

Selected by MI Simmentals, Mike and Allison Imler, Okotoks, Alberta for $6,250

Dam pictured at sunset: Anchor D Fergus

Sire: JB CDN Hennessey







Maternal Grand-Sire: FGAF Windsurfer 820Y