Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

APLX Ajax 14Z

APLX Ajax 14Z

APLX Ajax 14Z

APLX Ajax 14Z
Reg: 762388
Born:  February 17, 2012
BW: 99 lbs
200 day: 849 lbs
365 day: 1511 lbs
SC: 39cm (Feb 28 – 12 months)
Sire:  Gisdsco Appollo 3F
Dam: LFS Pol Adara 5W (MCC Tamarack 235K)

–       Despite being a mid-February calf, APLX Ajax 14Z has kept up with the big boys all winter, developing a nice combination of performance and style with balanced birth weight and calving EPD’s.
–       With his younger age, please note his adjusted weights are higher than his actual weight at the time.
–       Ajax was born unassisted on the straw pack while we were away, and was up and drinking on his own when we got home.
–       Cherry red and heavily pigmented, Ajax showcases our philosophy of crossing polled females back on proven AI sires in order to further diversify the polled genetic pool.
–       Ajax was registered polled as a calf, but has developed small scurs since that time.  We have left the scurs in place, and you will notice them in the picture and come sale day.
–       Ajax measured an impressive 39cm scrotal at just over a year of age when he passed his semen test on Feb 28th.
–       We selected Ajax’s dam, LFS Pol Adara, from the Langer’s as a heifer calf in the 2009 Equation sale.  Now with her third calf at side, Adara has a nicely balanced udder, with 4 small teats.
–       Adara is also backed by an amazing cow family behind her – JB CDN Amethyst and the great DSLS Josie cow.
–      We have not been successful in getting a good picture of Ajax’s dam Adara – but she is more of a golden brown colour, with light pigmentation around both eyes.
–      Ajax was selected by Conostoga Farms – Melvin and Linda Bingeman of Oyen for $5,500 at the 2013 Red Deer Simmental Bull Sale

(The other side of) APLX Ajax as a calf - Sept 23, 2012

(The other side of) APLX Ajax as a freshly weaned calf; back on pasture – Sept 23, 2012

JD CDN Amethyst - maternal grand dam of Ajax

JD CDN Amethyst – maternal grand dam of Ajax

Sire: Gidsco Appollo

Sire: Gidsco Appollo

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