Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Dora Lee JEWEL

Dora Lee Jewel - pictured in 2010 at 10 years of age

Born: January 14, 2000
Sire: Rangemore Carrousel
Dam: Dora Lee Treasure (Horn x Antonius)
H/P: Horned

Jewel was selected as one of our founding females from the Dora Lee nucleus.   We tried to select females that represented some of the key cow families at Dora Lee, and were drawn to Jewel as she is a grand-daughter of Knight Tracy 160T who dad selected at the Knight’s dispersal in 1993.   As you can see below, Knight Tracy was a very impressive cow.  A lot of people commented at the time that dad was a little crazy putting a lot of money into a eight year old cow, and then shipping her 3,000 miles and expect her to go to work; but it provided us a fair bit of comfort when we dupicated this process in the other direction with her  eight year old grand-daughter in Jewel.

She has went right to work here at Applecross, with three daughters and one grand-daughter currently in the herd.  Jewel is the only living daughter of Rangemore Carrousel in Canada, and her dam was sired by Horn, making her pedigree unique,  and totally outcross to other Fleckvieh lines in Canada.  With the start she has had, and the shape she is in, she should form an integral part of our herd for years to come.

Dam - Knight Tracy 160T

Daughter - Dora Lee Jasmine

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