Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

APLX Wrangler 16E

APLX Wrangler

APLX Wrangler 16E

  • Polled/Scurred
  • Born: January 17, 2017
  • BW: 103lbs
  • 200 day: 812lbs
  • 365 day: 1353lbs
  • Sire:  FGAF WowEffect 016A
  • Dam: Applecross Poppy 1X (Anchor T Ikon)
  • Reg#1213419

Selected by R-Five Simmentals / Jim & Desiree Matson, Bluffton, AB for $18,000

Sometimes, when a calf is born, you just know that they are going to turn into something special.  That is the case with ‘Wrangler’, our feature bull for Red Deer in 2018.   His dam, Applecross Poppy, is probably our most phenotypically impressive cow and, not surprisingly, is also the maternal grand-dam responsible for ‘Pippa’, our high-seller at Fleckvieh Equation this past December.  His sire, WowEffect, has certainly left his mark on our herd – being one of those rare bulls that produces consistent sons and highly marketable daughters.  Wrangler comes loaded with an awesome hair coat and pigmentation that covers his well-balanced frame.  Jeanne is the math teacher, but even I know that length x width x depth = volume; a trait Wrangler showcases in spades.   A complete package, look for Wrangler to breed true and carry on the great legacy of the strong cow families behind him.

Wrangler 2

Wrangler – alternate view


Sire: FGAF WowEffect – Pictured at 9 months

Applecross Poppy - 2016

Dam: Applecross Poppy 1X


Maternal Sister – Applecross Piper with calf ‘Pepper’ at side.

Spruceburn Pauline

Maternal Grand-Dam: Spruceburn Pauline