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Calving Time!

Applecross Giselle 10A - an exciting polled Bronson x Arnold's Image heifer calf.

Applecross Giselle 10A – an exciting polled Bronson x Arnold’s Image heifer calf.

Calving Season!
Calving is in full swing here at Applecross, which means it is a really exciting time of year – and makes all those night checks at 40 below worth it. Months of anticipation have led up to that instant when we first get to see a calf. Bull or heifer, coloured right or not, getting that healthy calf up and going is always a great feeling.

We have been blessed with a solid start to the season, and after a recent run of bull calves, we now have a balanced mix. On the heifer side, we have a couple of exciting Bronson daughters (including Giselle pictured above) that we hope to develop into the awesome cows Bronson is known for. There is also a really neat polled Gidsco Appollo heifer (also a cow maker), and Eclipse has passed along some really nice daughters from our first calvers. It is great to know that a service sire is going to calve out and give consistent calves that are up and going in a hurry. There also looks to be great competition shaping up to make next years’ bull pen. Our ‘Dora Lee’ sired group of Eclipse, Equinox and Jake all have provided us with sons that are already strutting their stuff.

We are about 60% through calving, and should be finished up by the first week of March. There are plenty more interesting calves on the way – both AI and the first calves from our walking bulls – so that sense of anticipation will stay for a while yet. With a nice group of calves already forming, it will be great see the complete crop and to compare each calf as they develop on grass this summer.

The Applecross Year In Review

Applecross Catrina with calf Carly at side

Applecross Catrina with calf Carly at side

The Applecross Year In Review

2012 was an incredible year for Applecross.  We hit a lot of milestones and are very pleased with how our operation continued to grow and evolve during the year.

We had some mild weather to begin the year, and that certainly made calving easier.  It is not every year that calves can be born outside on the straw-pack without losing their tails or freezing their ears!  We were almost three-quarters heifers to bulls in 2012 – which is great when you are trying to increase your herd numbers. While the mild weather created its own set of (health) challenges with the calves, we were quite happy with how they developed.

Bulls sales in 2012 far exceeded our expectations.   Unexpectedly, at the end of 2011, Envoy was selected for the National Trust sale.  As a result, we began the year with a visit to Lonnie & Karen Brown in late February, to deliver him to his new home and tour their operation.  Not long after that, we got the chance to deliver Santana up to Edson, giving us the chance to see both the Wa-Na-La-Pa and Langer herds (and check out APLX Ensign in his home).  Touring herds is one of my favourite things to do, so it doesn’t matter if it is February – seeing good cattle and visiting with great people is always a great way to spend a day.  We were also pleased by how our bulls sold at auction in 2012.  We were both honoured and humbled to see both Jackson (who sold in March at the Red Deer Sale for $12,000 to Westgold Simmentals) and Santana (who Wayne sold in the 2012 Cow-A-Rama sale for $11,000 to Vaughn Gibbons) represent the APLX prefix so well.  It always takes time for bulls to make an impact in a breeders program, but we look forward to visiting all of these operations in 2013 to see how Envoy, Jackson and Santana are doing.

Lots of moisture in June and July led into a warm August and plenty of grass for the cattle.  We didn’t vacation this summer, so there was plenty of time to halter break calves in July and complete farm improvements in August.   We added space to winter mature bulls this year, so that was a major accomplishment for us.  We also spent time improving our rotational grazing program, and making more efficient use of space and labour to help us manage additional cow numbers.

Heading into the fall sale season, it was great to see such excellent results, and see our fellow breeders having the success that they enjoyed.  On the home front, we were successful in aquiring an additional bred heifer privately from my parents operation.  Dora Lee Martina is a big, strong Broadway daughter that I think will fit in nicely with our young herd.  The sale season also brought the opportunity to travel to Brandon to the National Trust sale, and while there I really enjoyed both visiting with fellow breeders and touring some world-class purebred operations.  The sales seemed to get stronger as the year went on, and we weren’t  successful purchasing females closer to home.  The market for quality cattle has become very strong, and it is a great sign for the Simmental breed as the cattle market takes a much needed turn for the better.

I commented last year on the success of our website – and I thought it only fitting to provide an update again this year.  2012 brought additional visitors; with almost 10,000 views from over 87 countries during the year.  We also worked with my parents to launch an updated Dora Lee website (www.doraleegenetics.com) utilizing the WordPress platform.   Mom and Dad are able to manage and post updates to their site themselves, so it is another example of how easy establishing and maintaining a current web presence has become. We look forward to another exciting year in 2013 of providing updates on our operation, and sharing our perspective on topics that interest us.

Looking forward to 2013

For 2013, we are excited about what should be our largest, most uniform calf crop yet.    We start calving about the 10th of January, and thanks to some good luck with our AI program, and having our walking bulls go right to work, we should be done calving in 2 months.   We are expecting calves from 10 different sires, so there should be lots of diversity, but the similar ages of the calves should allow us to effectively compare the genetics.   We have a number of cows bred to sires that have proven to work here in the past (Eclipse, Equinox,  and Pharao to name three), but have also added some new sires, including a group bred to the great Bronson bull, as well as the first calves from our two young walking bulls – APLX Escalade and APLX Samson.  It should be a awesome 2 months.

Early in the new year has also become the time of bull sales, and it appears like several events have moved earlier in the season.  Based on how purebred heifers sold this fall, strong cattle prices, and the gradual rebuilding of cow numbers in the industry, I expect bull sales to be exceptional.  Getting a different catalogue in the mail (seemingly) every day, is an exciting part of our search for new and outcross genetics.  We also look forward to watching our three bulls develop in preparation for the Red Deer Sale in late March.  We think Axel, Edge and Ajax all have something to offer the industry, so it will be great to watch them continue to develop.

Hard on the heels of bull sale season, comes some tough breeding decisions.  While we still plan to AI extensively, we are planning on increasing our use of both of our walking bulls.  With Escalade and Samson wintering here, they have continued to impress, and I think they will be more than up to the challenge of breeding a few more cows each in 2013.

In a lot of ways, the next few months are critical to the success of an operation.  Getting healthy calves on the ground (and off to a good start), followed immediately thereafter by breeding decisions that can shape a program for years to come.  Those night checks might get old after a few weeks, but the excitement that comes with seeing that healthy new-born calf, from a mating that you had such high hopes for, will make it all worthwhile.

As 2012 wraps up, and 2013 is about to begin, we pause during this holidays season to reflect with family and friends on the challenges and successes we have enjoyed over the past year.  We are blessed to live in an amazing country, with fresh air, clean water and the means to put food on the table.  We have a passion for breeding quality Fleckvieh cattle, and we are very fortunate to be able to pursue this dream through our operation here at Applecross.  We look forward to an awesome 2013!