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2011 Calving Season – Half-way home.


We are officially half way finished calving – so far, so good.  We survived a couple of really brutal weeks of weather; during which, we were fortunate enough to convince the cows to calve inside.  The calving barn is at least out of the wind, and not quite as cold.   This week has been mild, so it has been nice to see the calves bouncing around the yard playing.

There have been a number of interesting calves to date; both bulls and heifers.  Pictured here are two of the girls – (5 day old) Taylor who is a Gidsco Appollo by our Hiemstra cow, Tasha; and (2 week old) Janelle, an Anchor T Ikon heifer from Dora Lee Jasmine.  We think very highly of both dams (they are both featured on our ‘Young Guns’ page), and we are excited to be able to grow both cow families.   I hope to feature some of our other exciting calves in future posts.

A Good Picture is Worth . . .

I am very fortunate to have been raised in a photo-friendly family.  My mom took a lot of pictures while I was growing up, and her love of photography meant there was almost always a camera around.  Thankfully, Mom’s interest in pictures included ‘nature’ photography, as it meant a ‘rest’ from pictures for those of us who often tired of being in front of the camera.  She took literally hundreds of cow-pictures each year.  One of the underappreciated aspects of nature and cattle (whether it be sunrise, sunsets, dew-drops or autumn colours) is that they don’t tend to talk back, whine or complain to the photographer. 

Well before the advent of computer editing and publishing, Mom took a lot of great cattle photos.  This has created an incredible archive of pictures; giving us that timeless ability to see what generations upon generations of cattle look like . . . not to mention how sceneries and farmsteads change over the years!  The attached photo is one that Mom took of our cow-herd (with our yard-site in the background) when she and Dad visited Applecross in the summer of 2010.  With her permission, I hope to feature more of her photos in the future.

I also enjoy a taking a good picture, and feel it is a great way to showcase our operation.  While the world has gotten a lot smaller, it is still not easy to visit every place that you’d like to go.  Hopefully, some of the pictures posted here will serve as a bit of a ‘virtual tour’ of Applecross.

Evangaline & Evelyn

We caught this picture of mother and daughter sunning together in April 2010.

Evangaline is our polled, star-faced Sim-Roc C&B Western daughter by Dora Lee Elexis.

Evelyn is also polled, and sired by Spruceburn Starfire.

Lady In the Clouds


This is my favourite picture of  DLD Lady Western 48R. 

We always try to take a camera along when we do the evening cattle check, and we managed to catch her on the hill at sunset, just as a summer thunderstorm was rolling in.