Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Applecross Blossom 11E

Applecross Blossom 11E

Applecross Blossom 11E

  • Polled
  • Born: Jan 6, 2017
  • BW: 83 lbs
  • Adj WW: 652 lbs
  • Sire: Dora Lee Eclipse FF9R
  • Dam: South Seven Cherry 16C
  • Bred: AI’d March 24 to Sanmar Pol Pharao 12P -618914-; exposed  APLX Rambo -1126410- April 7 – June 2.  Preg checked safe – vet opinion AI or early exposure
  • Reg: 1213401

Blossom was selected by Rich-Mc Simmentals / Mylia & Jason Richards of Pilot Mound, Manitoba for $7,250.

Polled Full Fleckvieh.  The prettiest girls in the class always seem to know it, too.  And that is the case with Blossom – who is a stone-cold stunner.   We selected Blossom’s dam as a calf at the Camrose Classic Sale when we were drawn to the cow-families stacked in the pedigree – Bonnie Lass – Dorothy Jane – Becky – names that don’t even need prefixes to be recognized.  Blossom is also the perfect example why we continue to utilize Dora Lee Eclipse as a go-to heifer bull when we AI our heifers each March – he calves very well, and leaves us with sharp looking females that become great cows.  Despite the December date, this is one ‘Blossom’ that will be in full bloom on sale day.

SouthSeven Cherry

Dam: South Seven Cherry 16C. Pictured after weaning her 2nd calf in drought conditions – Sept, 2018

Dora Lee Eclipse

Sire: Dora Lee Eclipse FF9R