Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Lot 111: Applecross Dixie 20K

Applecross Dixie 20K

While Giselle gets her colouring from her dam, Dixie gets it from both sides of her pedigree.  Her sire, Black Gold Battleborn 44H is dark liver red, and does have some ‘almost black’ pigment around his eyes that he tends to share with his progeny.    Her dam, Delilah, is an impressive young Delmonte cow from Diva, a direct Antonius daughter backed by King Arthur.  The first calf ever born at Applecross, Diva founded our ‘D-Line’ way back in 2008.  Our ‘D-Line’ is rivaled by only our ‘P-Line’ in females currently walking here   In part, because Jeanne usually vetoes one or the other, if not both!  Delilah was a ‘bonus’ veto-heifer back in 2017 simply because she shares a birth date with Jeanne.  That veto has turned out very well considering Delilah can produce progeny with that magic combination of volume and eye-appeal that is ever present in Dixie!

Dixie was selected by Black Gold Simmentals, Lloydminster, SK for $10,000

Sire: Black Gold Battleborn 44H. Our pick from Black Gold’s 2021 Bull String, with so many awesome ‘Battle Cry’ sons on offer that day, we modified his name to suit. Super impressed with his first calf crop.
Dam: Applecross Delilah 12F pictured in late August 2022, with ‘Dixie’ at side sporting a quiet wean.
Applecross Diva 4U – Maternal Grand Dam. Pictured in 2020 at age 12
DLD Lady Western 48R: Maternal Great Grand Dam