Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Lot 112: Applecross Dotti 53H

Applecross Dotti 53H
  • Reg: PT1366359
  • Full Fleckvieh Fullblood
  • Polled
  • Dilutor Free
  • Born: December 28, 2020
  • BW: 90 lbs
  • 200 day: 692 lbs
  • Sire: Anchor “T” Impact 2H (Anchor “T” Metro 4E)
  • Dam: Applecross Diana 57E (Sanmar Polled Pharao 12P)
  • Bred: April 3rd to Rugged R Cavill.  Exposed Black Gold Battle Born 44H from April 5-June 9th.  Preg checked safe, vets opinion 6 months on Oct 4
  • Link to CSA profile: http://bmmi.cgenregistry.ca/csa/Anilk.aspx?Anikey=wayfdsBa+vAI7A0Wlb7mAA==

It was back at the 2012 Red Deer Bull Sale when we had the privilege of being stabled beside the always impressive Beechinor bull string.  Having recently purchased a group of cows from Eagle Ridge, it seemed like half their herd bulls on offer that year were out of Anchor T Impact dams.  It was at that moment that I knew I needed to figure out how to add ‘Impact’ to our own herd.  A few years later we were successful in acquiring a semen pack, and now a decade later, we have Impact females walking at Applecross.    We leveraged one of our top young cows, Applecross Diana 57E, and bred her Impact first as a heifer, and then for a flush a year later.  Dotti is the result of those embryos, and is exactly what we were hoping for.  A big, powerful female that has a quiet temperament (and likes her scratches!), in what is a truly unique pedigree.  With two flush-mate sisters and an older sibling already in production, we thought we could share ‘Dotti’ with the industry.  The possibilities are limitless with this front pasture female. 

Dotti was selected by Keato Meadow Simmental, Ft Saskatchewan, AB for $12,000.

Sire: Anchor T Impact
Dam: Applecross Diana 57E on grass as a first calf heifer with full sib, Applecross Daphne at side
Dam: Applecross Diana 57E – Feb 2022
Dam: Applecross Diana 57E – Feb 2022
Dam: Applecross Diana 57E – Feb 2022
Maternal Grand Dam, Applecross Delta 2B with 2022 model ‘Della’ at side, Jan 30, 2022
Applecross Diva 4U – Maternal Great, Great Grand Dam. Pictured in 2020 at age 12
DLD Lady Western 48R: Maternal Great, Great, Great Grand Dam