Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Lot 113: Applecross Pixie 10J

Applecross Pixie 10J
  • Hetero Polled
  • Full Fleckvieh Fullblood
  • Dilutor Free
  • Born:  January 7, 2021
  • BW: 85 lbs
  • 200 day:  631 lbs
  • Sire:  NUG Delmonte 81D (Starwest Pol Blueprint)
  • Dam: Applecross Pepper 2E (FGAF WowEffect 016A)
  • Bred April 2nd to Rugged R Cavill.  Exposed Black Gold Battle Born 44H from April 5-June 9th.  Observed active April 20th.  Preg checked safe, the date is too close to call, vets opinion 6 months on Oct 4.
  • Link to Pixie’s pedigree and profile in the CSA Database: http://bmmi.cgenregistry.ca/csa/Anilk.aspx?Anikey=cV+QwhYKj2EhGoIek4DNxA==

These are the last NUG Delmonte 81D offspring that will be on offer, and it is no surprise that all three of them are out of FGAF WowEffect daughters.  We really liked this cross, as it simply seemed to work whether it be bull or heifer progeny.  A full sibling to Pixie was one of my favourites in our 2021 bull string and was selected by Conestoga Farms at the Red Deer County Bull Sale.  Pixie shares that big-volume build, with heavy pigmentation and a very strong maternal profile.  As we shared earlier, our ‘P-line’ is very popular (Eight ‘D’s’ are scheduled to calve at APLX in 2023 vs. seven ‘P’s – pretty cool on a herd of 50 cows!), and originated with our foundation acquisition of Spruceburn Pauline in 2009.   Her descendants have proven to be very popular, and have topped both our Equation (Penny, Pippa) and Red Deer Bull Sale strings (Wrangler).   Pixie’s maternal sister, Applecross Paprika, was selected by Bonchuk Farms at Equation 2020.  Look for the broody, high capacity (ironically named!) Pixie to carry on the family tradition in Red Deer. 

Pixie was selected by Egan Home Farms, Kelvin and Ory Egan, Low, Quebec for $10,000.

alternate view of Pixie
Dam: Applecross Pepper 2E – pictured as a first calf heifer
Maternal Grand Dam – Applecross Piper with Applecross Pepper at side in 2017.
Maternal Grand Dam Applecross Piper – Summer 2020
Maternal Great Grand Dam: Applecross Poppy 1X
Maternal Great Great Grand Dam: Spruceburn Pauline
Sire: NUG Delmonte 81D