Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Lot 40: APLX Intrigue 55H

Lot 40: APLX Intrigue 55H
EPD’s = Feb 14, 2022

Intrigue and Impulse are a pair of embryo transplant bulls that are the result of a ​long-term goal of incorporating Anchor T Impact into our polled program. We have always been ‘Intrigued’ by Impact’s strong maternal traits, and had the ‘Impulse’ to stack his genetics on to one of our top young cows, Applecross Diana 57E. We are confident you will be hearing a lot more from this moderate framed, highly maternal female who combines Pharaoh, Eclipse, Viper, Antonius and King Arthur, all in one package. We have worked with this cow family since 1992, so we are quite confident in the longevity, udder shape and easy keeping nature of these genetics. The addition of Impact appears to work very well, with full sisters also being standouts in our heifer pen. The material difference in the birth weights of Intrigue and Impulse are a result of variance in the sizes of their respective recipient dams: Intrigue’s recip is 1,800lbs; Impulse’s weighs 1300lbs). Intrigue and Impulse should produce awesome replacement females and sons that have plenty of get up and go.

Sire: Anchor T Impact
Dam: Applecross Diana 57E on grass as a first calf heifer with full sib, Applecross Daphne at side
Dam: Applecross Diana 57E – Feb 2022
Dam: Applecross Diana 57E – Feb 2022
Dam: Applecross Diana 57E – Feb 2022
Maternal Grand Dam, Applecross Delta 2B with 2022 model ‘Della’ at side, Jan 30, 2022
Applecross Diva 4U – Maternal Great, Great Grand Dam. Pictured in 2020 at age 12
DLD Lady Western 48R: Maternal Great, Great, Great Grand Dam