Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Lot 46: APLX Whiskey 36J

APLX Whiskey 36J

Reg: 1366312
Full Fleckvieh Fullblood

Born: February 7, 2021
BW: 96 lbs
200 day: 743 lbs
365 day: 1223 lbs
Sire: APLX Wedge 6F (FGAF WowEffect 016A)
Dam: Applecross Ella 12Y (Spruceburn Starfire 70S)
Link to CSA pedigree: http://bmmi.cgenregistry.ca/csa/Anilk.aspx?Anikey=7aKJm7sjWEmJkWocFOC3Rg==

The well-named ‘Whiskey’ simply matches his name. Smooth made, he can be paired with multiple options, dependent on taste and personal preference. Consistency is the word to describe the cow family behind Whiskey. We have worked closely with 10 generations of this ‘E’ line, and Whiskey’s mother consistently calves out within a 10 lb range for birth weight (86-96lbs). Whiskey’s dam Applecross Ella, has been a top performer for us for many years, with daughters selling to some notable herds, including Labatte Simmentals in 2019 and Beechinor Bros in 2014. Her son, APLX Durango 50F was our high selling bull at our 2019 bull sale. Whiskey is bold yet smooth; long lasting with plenty of balance

Dam: Applecross Ella pictured in 2014 – she has a really neat Electric Avenue bull calf on her for 2022
Keeping it in the family. Grand dam Applecross Eva on the left, with dam Applecross Ella on the right, pictured summer 2019
Maternal Grand Dam, Applecross Eva, pictured in 2005
Maternal Great Grand Dam: Dora Lee Evangaline
Maternal Great-Great Grand Dam: Dora Lee Elexis
Dora Lee Electra: Dam of Elexis
Dora Lee Fraline: Dam of Electra
Sire: APLX Wedge 6F
Paternal Grand Sire: FGAF WowEffect – Pictured at 9 months
Paternal Grand Dam: Applecross Piper (dam of APLX Wedge 6F)
Paternal Great Grand Dam: Applecross Poppy 1X
Paternal Great Grand Dam: Spruceburn Pauline