Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Lot 47: APLX Wrigley 27J

APLX Wrigley 27J

Reg: 1366317
Full Fleckvieh Fullblood
Dilutor Free

Born: January 22, 2021
BW: 93 lbs
200 day: 696 lbs
365 day: 1298 lbs
Sire: APLX Wedge 6F (FGAF WowEffect 016A)
Dam: Applecross Cassie 19Z (Spruceburn Starfire 70S)
Link to CSA pedigree: http://bmmi.cgenregistry.ca/csa/Anilk.aspx?Anikey=Jxo6vD2xk/NkPO/hPXpQIw==

The uniquely patterned Wrigley could be the most versatile bull in our offering. His dam is Applecross Cassie – a powerful yet maternal Spruceburn Starfire x Dora Lee Eclipse cow that is consisting picked out by visitors as one of our top females. Over the years, Cassie has had numerous sons selected for Red Deer. Wrigley looks to carry on the family tradition as a highly adaptable bull, offering great balance in maternal and performance traits.

Dam: Applecross Cassie 19Z
Maternal Grand Sire: Spruceburn Starfire
Maternal Grand Dam: Dora Lee’s Caitlin FF28U
Maternal Great Grand Dam: Dora Lee Christina 28S pictured in 2011. She still hasn’t missed a beat in 2022.
Sire: APLX Wedge 6F
Paternal Grand Sire: FGAF WowEffect – Pictured at 9 months
Paternal Grand Dam: Applecross Piper (dam of APLX Wedge 6F)
Paternal Great Grand Dam: Applecross Poppy 1X
Paternal Great Grand Dam: Spruceburn Pauline