Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Lot 88: APLX Elton 8K

Lot 88 – APLX Elton 8K
  • Reg: 1405659
  • Full Fleckvieh Fullblood
  • Polled (Scurred)
  • Dilutor Free
  • Born: January 2, 2022
  • BW: 94 lbs
  • 200 day: 715 lbs
  • 365 day: 1301 lbs
  • Sire: FGAF Electric Avenue 140E (FGAF French Attack 010C)
  • Dam:  Applecross Ella 12Y (Spruceburn Starfire 70S)

Elton – EPD’s – Feb 2023

Link to pedigree in CSA database: http://bmmi.cgenregistry.ca/csa/Anilk.aspx?Anikey=TYLGFThnHaqrGoVw1+k1Jw==

Polled/s. Full Fleckvieh. Dilutor Free.   The uniquely patterned Elton showcases a massive hip and a balanced profile, coming from a dam who made a habit of consistently moderating birthweights.  This is the last calf from APLX Ella 12Y, who enjoyed a very long and productive career here.  Ella produced ‘Durango’ who was our high selling bull in 2019 as well ‘Emma’ our high selling heifer way back at Equation 2014, who is still working for Beechinor Land and Livestock (and has produced high sellers of her own).   Longevity is certainly built into this pedigree!  Elton is certainly no ‘candle in the wind’ as he combines this strong cow family with frame and capacity, but does ‘bling it up’ to remind everyone he’s a true Simmental bull!

Sire: FGAF Electric Avenue 140E
Dam: Applecross Ella, with ‘Durango’ at side, pictured in June 2018
Maternal Brother: APLX Durango 50F (sired by NUG Delmonte); our high seller in 2019
Keeping it in the family. Grand dam Applecross Eva on the left, with dam Applecross Ella on the right, pictured summer 2019
Applecross Eva - August 5, 2015
Maternal Grand Dam, Applecross Eva, pictured in 2005
Noelle 2 - Copy
Maternal Sister: Applecross Noelle 58E – selected by Barry Labatte at the 2019 Fleckvieh Equation Sale.
Applecross Emma
Maternal Sister – Applecross Emma 16A – our high selling bred heifer at the 2014 Fleckvieh Equation Sale – selected by Beechinor Bros. of Bentley, AB. Now working for Beechinor Land & Livestock
Evangaline 2010
Maternal Great, Great Grand Dam: Dora Lee Evangaline