Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Lot 89: APLX Blaze 18K

APLX Blaze 18K
  • Reg: 1405699
  • Full Fleckvieh Fullblood
  • Homozygous Polled
  • Dilutor Free
  • Born: January 14, 2022
  • BW: 81 lbs
  • 200 day: 764 lbs
  • 365 day: 1361 lbs
  • Sire: Black Gold Battleborn 44H (NAC Battle Cry 4F)
  • Dam:  Applecross EmmyLou 51F (APLX Rambo 4B)

Blaze’s – EPD’s – Feb 2023

Link to pedigree in CSA database: http://bmmi.cgenregistry.ca/csa/Anilk.aspx?Anikey=mFQJvOcyTivu2Jm4ir5WXQ==

Homozygous Polled.  Full Fleckvieh.  Dilutor Free.  APLX Blaze 18K is one of our sale features; representing the first Black Gold Battleborn son to sell.  We have been very impressed with Battleborn, who has proven himself safe to use on our heifers, while being more than ‘just’ a heifer bull.  His first two daughters were very well received at Equation 2022 – and our only ask of him in 2023 is a few more sons, as he ran very heavy to heifers on his first calf crop!   On the dam side, Blaze is from our ‘E-Line’, (and thus from the same cow family as ‘Elton’), who have done very well for us over the years, with the females showcasing tremendous longevity.  Loaded with pigment, Blaze blends plenty of get up and grow from a very moderate birth weight.  Blaze  demands attention with his unique combination of eye appeal, thickness, and a guaranteed horn remover.  With so much versatility, he will be worth a long look on sale day! 

Sire: Black Gold BattleBorn 44H
Dam: Applecross EmmyLou 51F
Keeping it in the family. Great Great Grand dam Applecross Eva on the left, with Great Grand dam Applecross Ella on the right, pictured summer 2019
Applecross Eva - August 5, 2015
Maternal Great, Great Grand Dam, Applecross Eva, pictured in 2005
Evangaline 2010
Maternal Great, Great, Great Grand Dam: Dora Lee Evangaline