Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Applecross Emma 16A

Applecross Emma 16A

Applecross Emma 16A


  • Reg#782128
  • Born: January 17, 2013
  • polled
  • Sire: Dora Lee Eclipse
  • Dam: Applecross Ella (Spruceburn Starfire)
  • AI’d Crossroad Radium -695165- on March 23rd.  Exposed to APLX Samson -746489- April 23 to June 1.  Vet opinion safe to AI
  • Selected by Beechinor Brothers from Bentley, AB.  Emma had a polled Radium unassisted heifer calf on Dec 30th.

The incredible depth and volume of Applecross Emma 16A has stood out since she was just a young calf. Emma represents the fourth generation from one of our founding cow families; her great-grand-dam, Dora Lee Evangaline, made the trek from Ontario to Alberta in 2008.   Emma’s dam Ella, is a smaller framed cow who knows how to pump out big calves; both of her calves have been near the top of our % of body weight rankings at weaning.  Her 2014 model by Bronson was one of the select few to make this years’ bullpen.  Bred to Crossroad Radium, Emma is sure to impress you on sale day.

Grand-Dam: Applecross Eva - June 23, 2012

Grand-Dam: Applecross Eva – June 23, 2012


Great-Grand-Dam: Dora Lee Evangaline

Great-Grand-Dam: Dora Lee Evangaline

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