Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

APLX Santana 11Y

APLX Santana 11Y – pictured at 7 months.

APLX Santana 11Y is a really neat Starfire son by our Christina cow – the only white on him is the small spot on his forehead.  Wayne Falardeau saw Santana as a young calf and stopped in several times over the summer before purchasing him in the fall of 2011.  Prior to delivery, we wintered Santana, where we watched him develop into a muscle packed, moderately framed bull.  We really think highly of the dam, Dora Lee Christina – her pedigree is stacked with breed legends Solway Adonis, Holb, LJB Jade and Romulus showing up in each of the four corners of her pedigree.

Due to health considerations, Wayne had to sell the bulk of his herd, including Santana in the 2012 Cow-A-Rama Sale in November.  Santana was purchased by Vaughn Gibbons from Ontario for $11,000.  We understand that Santana will also be heading to stud in the east, so we look forward to seeing his impact in the future.

Sire: Spruceburn Starfire

Dam: Dora Lee Christina

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