Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Applecross Iris 10Z

Applecross Iris 10Z

Applecross Iris 10Z

Applecross Iris 10Z
– Reg#762386
– Born January 22, 2012
– double polled
– Sire: Sanmar Pol Pharao
– Dam: Beech Bros Imperia (Sunny Valley Sargent)
AI’d Dora Lee Eclipse – 639824- on March 30. Exposed to APLX Escalade -746488- April 23 to June 1. PT Safe, vet opinion to AI

100% Fleckvieh. The incredible volume and capacity of Applecross Iris has stood out since she was just a young calf. The first look says thick and deep, the second says – wow! She’s polled too? We purchased her dam, Beech Bros Imperia, as one of the high-selling open heifers in the 2010 Equation sale and she has matured into a moderate famed, tidy-uddered female that pumps everything she has into her calves. We are quite happy with all of our Pharao daughters – to date they are all developing into easy fleshing, soggy, big volumed individuals – quite the bonus, in a bull we are comfortable using on heifers. We think Iris has the potential to be a special individual. Bred to Dora Lee Eclipse, she will begin delivering on her own legacy in early January.

Iris was selected by James Creek Simmentals / Heathe Widicker of Heaton, North Dakota in the 2013 Fleckvieh Forum Sale

Maternal Grand-dam - Keato Ms Sabrina

Maternal Grand-dam – Keato Ms Sabrina

Sire: Sanmar Polled Pharao

Sire: Sanmar Polled Pharao

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