Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Reference Sires Updated

We have updated our ‘Reference Sire’ section to include separate pages for each of the 3 privately owned bulls that we have utilized extensively.

Our breeding philosophy consists of utilizing the best AI genetics we can find, supplemented by a strong walking herd bull group.   While management intensive, we like the ability AI gives us to incorporate diverse genetics from top Fleckvieh bulls into our herd.   It has also allowed us to utilize and help prove some exclusive Dora Lee genetics.

As our numbers have grown, we now have three management groups, giving us the potential to run up to three natural service sires at once.    Going forward, we anticipate maintaining a balanced approach between AI and natural services.   The new section is dedicated to each of the privately owned bulls that we have been fortunate to either acquire semen on, or utilize as walking bulls.  New bulls will be added as we continue to diversify our genetic base.

Hopefully shortly, the Female section will also get the similar treatment to showcase the top 12-15 of our cows.

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