Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Applecross @ Work

APLX Santana 11Y - pictured at 7 months

We have added a new section to the website entitled ‘Applecross @ Work’.  Featured in individual pages located under this tab, the section highlights some of the growing number of animals we have sold that we believe will leave their mark on the industry.  We hope to be able to add pictures of their progeny in the future.  The first two bull to be featured are of course,  the full brothers, Ensign 2X and Envoy 2Y.

We are also very pleased to add APLX Santana 11Y to the list.  Santana (pictured above), is an exciting young herd bull purchased by Wayne Falardeau / Wa-Na-La-Pa Simmentals.   Solid red except for that small spot on his forehead, Santana will add some really unique outcross genetics to Wayne’s diamond headed/solid red full Fleckvieh Program.

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