Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

A Good Picture is Worth . . .

I am very fortunate to have been raised in a photo-friendly family.  My mom took a lot of pictures while I was growing up, and her love of photography meant there was almost always a camera around.  Thankfully, Mom’s interest in pictures included ‘nature’ photography, as it meant a ‘rest’ from pictures for those of us who often tired of being in front of the camera.  She took literally hundreds of cow-pictures each year.  One of the underappreciated aspects of nature and cattle (whether it be sunrise, sunsets, dew-drops or autumn colours) is that they don’t tend to talk back, whine or complain to the photographer. 

Well before the advent of computer editing and publishing, Mom took a lot of great cattle photos.  This has created an incredible archive of pictures; giving us that timeless ability to see what generations upon generations of cattle look like . . . not to mention how sceneries and farmsteads change over the years!  The attached photo is one that Mom took of our cow-herd (with our yard-site in the background) when she and Dad visited Applecross in the summer of 2010.  With her permission, I hope to feature more of her photos in the future.

I also enjoy a taking a good picture, and feel it is a great way to showcase our operation.  While the world has gotten a lot smaller, it is still not easy to visit every place that you’d like to go.  Hopefully, some of the pictures posted here will serve as a bit of a ‘virtual tour’ of Applecross.

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