Our Journey as Producers of Fleckvieh Simmental Cattle.

Annual Female Section Update

Applecross Janelle - one of the top bred heifers we have retained.

Applecross Janelle – one of the top bred heifers we have retained.

Annual Female Section Update

We have completed our annual refresh of our female section (Herdbook > Foundation Females) with updated pictures and new pages to showcase some additional females. The pages fall into chronological order, with our oldest cow (Jewel) at the top, and our youngest female (Taylor) at the bottom.  As our herd is made up predominantly of young cows, a year can bring significant change as they grow and develop into more mature animals.   The challenge is, of course, getting updated pictures that reflect the phenotypical change (not to mention to convince the cows that they should stand to get their picture taken!).  Over the years I would like to get a good picture of every quality female we own, but there are always some that can escape the camera.

Featured above is Applecross Janelle.  Janelle is one of our top bred heifers, and was originally selected for this year’s Fleckvieh Equation sale.  An Anchor T Ikon daughter, by a powerful Dora Lee Eclipse dam, Janelle (and her dam Jasmine) have caught the eye of many of our visitors the last couple of years.  After a lot of discussion, we decided it would be best for the long term success of our operation to retain Janelle (and all of our bred heifers), to help grow our numbers here at Applecross.  We look forward to Janelle’s 2013 calf by the polled calving ease bull Sanmar Pol Pharao in mid January.

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